Tweenk is a game with minimal user's involvement. Everytime you tweet, your alter ego finds adventures, kills monsters or gets items.


Human Hunter
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  • 1368
Level 1
PvP mode off
Strength 1
Dexterity 4
Intellect 1
Luck 2
Ranged attack 13—17
Defense 22
PvP Score: 0
Achievements points: 10

Hero obtained loot: [Apprentice's Boots]
4 months ago
DFXThomasNot a tweenk player
helped SteamDashDE to defeat Dragonfly
4 months ago
+27 EXP +1 gold
SteamDashDE got [Ancestral Gloves of Winter] from monster`s bag
5 months ago
Earned new achievement: This Is Simple!
5 months ago
SteamDashDE killed Dragonfly in a hard battle
5 months ago
+27 EXP +1 gold
Welcome to Tweenk. Just keep writing tweets and look at your hero
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